Hi, I’m B, welcome to my blogging site! I was born and raised in South Africa, now living in Canada with my husband and two kids. Post University, I took every opportunity to travel or live abroad, from au pairing in the United States, working in London while travelling around Europe, to honeymooning in Thailand and checking out Australia for potential immigration. Even with a background in project management, a counseling qualification, travel experience and love of culture and adventure, nothing quite prepares one for the stark contrast of expat living versus immigration, particularly with a family.   

Making the decision to leave your country and call a new land, home, looks different for everyone, as does the immigration process and adaptation once there. One has so many questions and ongoing choices to make throughout the life-altering journey; my desire is to better assist with thought-provoking posts, suggestions, and stories. B shepherded is about how I have been (and continue to be) shepherded along the way and how I encourage you to be shepherded too.

In this digital age, there is a wealth of resources and support, from blogs like my own, immigration-related websites, social media groups and more. My desire is for this site to meet the practical and emotional needs of many fellow immigrants and lead you to other helpful resources along your journey.

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